10 shows to watch if you’re a fan of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

For eight seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has made audiences laugh at the hysterical antics of Detective Jake Peralta and the rest of the fictional 99th precinct of the New York City Department. Created by Dan Ghur and Michael Schur, the workplace comedy revolves around various lives of the hotshot Peralta, overachiever Amy Santiago, tough-as-nails Rosa Diaz, sweetheart Charles Boyle, devoted family man Sgt. Terry Jeffords, and clueless best friends Scully and Hitchcock as the offbeat squad struggles to get itself together both on the job and in their social lives. 

The award-winning series, which first aired on Fox in 2013 and ended its eight-year run on NBC in 2021, will be sorely missed. But now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is over and 2022 is in full swing, plenty of fans are probably looking for a new workplace comedy to binge. While you wait for that next fan favorite to arrive, here are 10 similarly funny comedies that are guaranteed to keep you occupied.

Rutherford Falls

Co-created by Sierra Teller Ornelas, Michael Schur, and Ed Helms, Rutherford Falls follows Helms’ Nathan Rutherford, a descendent of Rutherford Falls’ (white) founder who fiercely protects his family legacy amid a fight over a statue of his ancestor. Alongside him is his best friend, Reagan (Jana Schmeiding), a member of the Minishonka tribe who has to reconcile the interests of her community while trying to help Nathan. 

With co-creators Ornelas and Schur both having worked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can expect to see the same feel-good sensibility in Rutherford Falls despite it not being a police sitcom. (It actually falls more in line with a Parks and Recreation setting.) If you like the way Brooklyn Nine-Nine tackled both bureaucracy and friendships, then Rutherford Falls is a worthy title to check out. And with Ed Helms leading the cast, you’re sure to enjoy the actor’s comedic touch as you stream the first season on Peacock.

Tacoma FD

Co-created by and starring Kevin Hefferman and Steve Lemme of the Super Troopers films, Tacoma FD follows a fire department full of goofy, incompetent firefighters. There’s not a lot of fires to fight in one of the rainiest cities in America, leaving the crew at the Tacoma Fire Department tackling the less glamorous elements of the job. This squad keeps itself entertained with creative competitions, friendly first responder rivalries, and bizarre emergency calls. Leading firehouse shenanigans in the half-hour comedy are Chief Terry McConky and Capt. Eddie Penisi, played by series co-creators Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, respectively. 

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not only enjoy the raunchy comedy that rivals the police-inspired comedy, but also how Tacoma FD features the same guest stars and actors from Brooklyn Nine-Nine like Eugene Cordero. You can watch the first two seasons on HBO Max.


If you like police procedural shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine mixed with a bit of satire, then you may enjoy NTSF:SD:SUV. Created by and starring Paul Scheer, the show follows Scheer as Trent Hauser, a detective in a counterterrorism unit. Unlike the grounded relationships and storylines of the officers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scheer’s sitcom is more of an absurd satire of the police genre that focuses on the police procedural boom of the mid to late ’00s in a light and silly way. 

Although it’s a pretty big departure from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the show also has writers Gil Ozeri and Joe Mande ⏤ both formerly from Brooklyn Nine-Nine ⏤ so you can count on getting at least a pinch of that same type of humor. If you’re a fan of sillier cop shows, you should definitely give this one a try. You can stream the full series on the Adult Swim app.

Angie Tribeca

Created by comedy couple Steve and Nancy Carell, Angie Tribeca is a workplace comedy and police procedural satire that follows Rashida Jones as Angie, a cop who solves all manner of silly mysteries, which are treated with the same seriousness as those on Law & Order. Like NTSF:SD:SUV, Angie Tribeca is a more absurd look at the typical police drama than the grounded and emotional comedy of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But if you loved the antics and goofiness of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then Angie Tribeca may become your next favorite replacement. You can currently stream the entire series on Hulu. 


Created by Justin Spitzer ⏤ co-executive producer of The Office ⏤ Superstore is a great show to check out if you’re still hungry for more workplace antics. The main character, Amy (America Ferrera) is a sensible employee trying to help keep the store together while her manager, Glen, unsuccessfully attempts to lead his diverse group of employees with his often not-so-sensible decisions. From bright-eyed newbies to seen-it-all veterans, bumbling seasonal hires and in-it-for-life managers, Superstore is hilarious exploration of the daily lives of the employees working in the social ecosystems of big-brand store outlets like the “Store That Will Not Be Named” (but you know the one). Some of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s writers also wrote for this show, including Rutherford Falls creator Sierra Teller Ornelas. You can watch all six seasons on Hulu.

The Good Place

Another creation from Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator Michael Schur, The Good Place deals with the ever-surprising bureaucracy that runs the afterlife as it centers around Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a woman who is incorrectly sent to the Good Place when she dies, and her interactions with one of the afterlife’s architects, Michael (Ted Danson). Although The Good Place is created by Shur and even has the same guest stars, it’s more grounded in a wholesome and heartfelt comedic vein. If you loved the interpersonal relationships and emotional moments of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters, then you will certainly connect with The Good Place. You can currently stream the entire season on Netflix.


Though this one is a little older than the newer shows on the list, it’s one of the most storied workplace sitcoms in television history. Scrubs follows interns JD (Zach Braff) and his best friend Turk (Donald Faison) as they make plenty of mistakes while learning the ins and outs of working as doctors in a hospital. Although Scrubs explored the seriousness of working in a hospital, it also explored the larger relationships and lives of its characters in a silly and funny way, much like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If you like the workplace antics and friendship between Charles and Jake on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then you’re going to love the bromance between JD and Turk amidst all of the hospital hijinks. You can currently watch the entire series on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Ted Lasso

A slight detour from the typical hospital or police-driven workplace comedies, Ted Lasso is a sporty sitcom from “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence that sees Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach who moves to England to coach a professional soccer team despite knowing nothing about the sport. The show follows both the personal lives and friendships of the team’s players and employees and also their trials and tribulations as they try to stay out of last place ⏤ all while focusing on adult jokes and relatable pop culture references to keep the comedy moving at a consistent pace. The award-winning comedy is currently available to stream on Apple TV Plus.

Reno 911!

Created by Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, and Kerri Kenney-Silver, who also star in the show, Reno 911! is a mockumentary parody of law enforcement shows like Cops that shares many similarities with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, especially its hilarious exchanges between cops. This partially unscripted comedy brings viewers into the squad car as the fictional incompetent officers of the Reno Sheriff’s Department swing into action, answering 911 calls pertaining to everything from speeding violations and prostitution to staking out a drug den. In each episode, the cops’ often politically incorrect opinions, ranging from their personal feelings to professional critiques of their colleagues, are on full display as they struggle to perform their duties without causing an incident themselves. You can currently stream it on HBO Max.

South Side 

Created by Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle, South Side follows two friends and aspiring venture capitalists, Simon and Quincy, who have just graduated from community college and are hoping to use their newfound “business acumen” to become the next big CEOs while they work at a rent-to-own store in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Much like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the workplace comedy also explores the personalities and lives of the employees at the Rent To Own store (which is conveniently called “RTO”) through episodic adventures while also introducing other memorable recurring characters from Englewood in a comedic format similar to The Office. Since it’s still fresh off its second season, you can catch up on all the episodes so far before it returns to HBO Max for its third season.