Towering Titans: The 10 Greatest Members Of The Teen Titans

Another week, another new comic book adaptation from DC and Warner Bros.

This time, it’s been announced that the long-in-the-tooth Teen Titans TV series is finally on the way. Simply titled Titans, the project will be the first time that DC’s teenage superhero team has made it into live-action and it’ll be released on a brand new, DC-focused digital service, alongside season 3 of Young Justice. The show will be produced by the Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti, DC president Geoff Johns and Hollywood screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.

News of the series is bound to excite the many, many Teen Titans fans out there, as they’ll finally see their favourite characters brought to life. But who are some of the sidekicks, proteges and other young heroes that make up the team? Join us as we run through the 10 greatest members of the Titans and pick out a few that we’d love to see make an appearance when the show premieres.