10 Things You Need To Know About Iron Fist

10) He Has Mystical Powers

Iron Fist

Danny Rand is primarily a master martial artist (one of the best in the world, in fact), as trained by the immortal Lei-Kung. However, he does have another, more super-powered, skillset.

Being the Iron Fist brings Rand the power to focus his chi (the energy force that runs through one’s body in Chinese culture) to enhance his combat abilities, like speed, stamina, strength, senses, agility, durability and reflexes. Controlling his chi also allows him to recover from just about any injury (although this can severely weaken him and he still feels pain). Basically, he’s near impossible to defeat.


For anyone wondering, he’s not called Iron Fist because he’s related to Tony Stark or anything. His name is actually derived from his signature move. By channelling his chi into his fist he can perform inhumanly powerful punches.

So it’s like he’s got a fist made of iron, geddit?