2 Marvel Characters That Have Never Had Their Own Comic Book Are Getting TV Shows

The unstoppable expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues, with yesterday’s Disney Plus Day bringing a cavalcade of announcements regarding the small screen future of the world’s biggest, most popular and commercially successful film and television franchise.

We knew that the advent of a Disney-backed streaming service would accelerate the growth of the MCU, but few fans thought they’d be ending up with literally dozens of episodic exclusives existing in various stages of development all at once. However, two shows in particular have caught the eye, because they involve characters that have never headlined their own comic book runs.

Agatha: House of Harkness will follow Kathryn Hahn’s WandaVision fan favorite, while the groundwork for fellow spinoff Echo will be laid across the six episodes of Hawkeye. Even though the pair have been regular features of the Marvel Comics universe for years, they’ve never taken top billing in their own series on the printed page.

Such is the level of confidence Marvel has in its plans for absolute domination of the streaming space, Agatha: House of Harkness and Echo don’t come bearing much in the way of name value or built-in recognition, with the MCU now giving the green light to spinoff shows based on other shows that were themselves derived from the feature films.