Alaqua Cox To Star As Maya Lopez In Hawkeye And Echo On Disney Plus

Marvel has revealed that a new series, Echo, is coming to Disney Plus and will star Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, who will make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hawkeye, which begins streaming new episodes later this month.

Marvel fans will recognize Maya Lopez as the adoptive daughter of the Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk. She first appeared in 1999 in Daredevil #9 and has remained a supporting character in Daredevil storylines in the years since.

Echo has also appeared alongside various characters throughout the Marvel Universe in the comics, including Moon Knight, Captain Marvel, and other Avengers. She is notable for being one of only a few deaf comic book characters. If that’s any indication of what Marvel Studios might have in store, then Echo is a series with a lot of crossover potential.

Confirmation of her appearance in Hawkeye may further fuel online rumors that Vincent D’Onofrio will make his return to the MCU and reprise his role as Fisk. Marvel has managed to keep details of the antagonists appearing in Hawkeye close to the chest, but if Kingpin were to play a major role in the series, then it would make sense if he had his adoptive daughter nearby.

Alaqua Cox is very new to Hollywood per her IMDb profile, which indicates that her role in Hawkeye is her first.

Fans don’t have long to wait to catch their first glimpse of her in action as Echo, with Hawkeye set to begin streaming on Nov. 24 and Cox’s own Disney Plus show presumably not far behind.