2017’s DC TV Crossover Has Been Dated, Will Span Two Nights


Even though last year’s big DC TV crossover certainly gained a lot of positive feedback, a fair amount of viewers expressed some displeasure with the fact that Supergirl didn’t truly take part in the festivities, only serving as the prologue to what was actually an event shared by three other shows (The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow). Yes, the Girl of Steel herself got to participate, but we didn’t get to see our other favorite heroes venturing to National City.

Having recently learned that Kara Zor-El is primed to play a more significant role in this year’s crossover, it’s good to hear that she’ll be kicking things off this time around. In fact, the four-show extravaganza will actually be contained to two nights this year.

As it turns out, Monday, November 27 will get the ball rolling with Supergirl airing at 8pm, with Arrow following at 9pm (please keep in mind that the latter will normally be airing on Thursday nights at 9pm this season, and that this is just a one-off for the sake of convenience). That being said, it actually makes a lot of sense to go this route, thereby assuring that any momentum not be killed by the Wednesday night break.

Obviously, Tuesday, November 28 will be home to the final two parts, those being The Flash at 8pm and Legends of Tomorrow at 9pm. And given that Legends will once again serve as the finale, one can’t help but think some time travel will  play a part – at least in that particular hour of television.

Actually, it’s very possible the network may go back to the old model in the future if the two-night format doesn’t work out. Here’s what CW president Mark Pedowitz had to say about that at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour:

“[It’s a] tight, concise way of doing it. [We] may go back to four nights next year.”

Well, even though Arrow won’t get to finish things off as Stephen Amell had wished, it stands to reason that his show will play a big part when you consider that it’s the first of those taking place on Earth-1 to join the action. Don’t forget that Supergirl resides on Earth-38, so how it’ll factor into the grand scheme is anybody’s guess at this point.

Source: Screen Rant