Arrow’s Stephen Amell Teases A Bigger DC TV Crossover For This Fall


Last year, The CW did something unprecedented when it successfully interwove four prime time shows into a seamless crossover event. Consisting of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, it saw some of our favorite superheroes unite against the threat posed by the invading Dominators.

Not surprisingly, the network wants to replicate that same magic this fall. Admittedly, I’m all for another crossover, but I think the producers’ ideas were bigger than the budget would allow, so I’m hoping we get something more akin to Vandal Savage (the antagonist in 2015’s event) as opposed to another alien invasion. And after hearing how this year’s attempt will increase the emotional stakes, I was expecting just that.

But, according to Stephen Amell who knows “exactly what’s going to happen,” nobody is thinking small. In fact, he joked about not upping the ante when speaking with at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville:

“I think that the whole idea is that after the success of last year, we tone it down, and not include all the shows and just kind of make it as pedestrian as possible. Or the exact opposite of that!”

Something else interesting that Amell was quick to note is how this year’s crossover will be structured. This time, we have The Flash and Legends on the same night, with Arrow now serving as the conclusion.

“I think the idea this year, from what I understand is, last year they said four-night crossover but in a lot of ways, Supergirl was just kind of a lead in to The Flash, so I think this year they really want to get everyone involved. It’s not going to be a four-night, well I guess four-night, but Legends and Flash are on the same night. I think they want to get everyone involved in every show. I like having the anchor, we have the anchor this year, Thursday night. I would rather be last than first.”

Arrow returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.