3 Star Trek TV Spinoffs Reportedly In The Works For Paramount+

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Paramount might be dragging their heels when it comes to deciding on how to proceed with Star Trek on the big screen, but they’re more than happy to have executive producer Alex Kurtzman map out the future of the franchise’s small screen adventures until at least 2027, with the beloved sci-fi series now a larger presence on television than it’s been for a very long time.

Discovery was recently renewed for a fourth season, Short Treks was nominated for an Emmy, second and third runs for Picard were ordered before the premiere had even aired, more episodes of Lower Decks are currently in the works and expected to debut later this year, animated kids’ show Prodigy arrives on Nickelodeon in a matter of months, and Discovery spinoff Strange New Worlds is also in development.

That’s an awful lot of Star Trek content on the horizon, but insider Daniel Richtman has claimed that there’s even more to come after reporting that a further three spinoffs are coming to CBS All Access’ impending rebrand as Paramount+. The tipster doesn’t offer any further details about what they are, but we’ve already heard in the past that an episodic look at Starfleet Academy and the Ceti Alpha V miniseries focusing on Khan were very much on the studio’s radar.

So far, not much original content has been announced for the latest entrant into the streaming wars, but Star Trek is obviously going to play a huge part, which makes sense. After all, as one of Paramount’s most reliable brands that’s constantly ripe for reinvention, creators and showrunners are never going to run out of ideas when it comes to mining such a vast and expansive mythology for inspiration.

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