Our 5 Favorite Episodes From Season 1 Of Beauty And The Beast


The CW’s Beauty and the Beast isn’t exactly the Disney classic you grew up with (or, that I grew up with), and hopefully you’re not too young to know what I’m referring to. Instead of a misunderstood bookworm, you get a brave and equally intelligent New York City detective. In the place of a cursed prince, you get a genetically altered super soldier. Where there were magically transformed household supplies for periphery characters, you get a protective partner, an overzealous sister, and a biochemistry professor for a best friend.

Of course, there’s still a villain. There’s always a villain. In season one of this modern retelling, the part of the muscle bound brute with a torch and pick-ax was played by two separate entities. One, the overarching secret government agency, Muirfield, and two, a very compelling assistant district attorney, Gabe Lowen (Sendhil Ramamurthy). This time around the immediate threat was baring feigns, claws, and super-human strength. It’s hard to tell if he survived the season finale, but either way, in Beauty and the Beast 2.0 (otherwise known as season 2), the villain has slightly more clout, like an entire secret government agency behind him. Oh, and it turns out he’s also Belle’s, er, Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) biological father.

With the season 2 premiere of Beauty and the Beast just hours away, there isn’t much time to relive the entire first season. So, we’re giving you a recap of our five favorite episodes from season 1 in hopes of building up the excitement in you for the show’s sophomore outing.

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