The 5 Best Comic Book TV Shows Of 2015, So Far….


5) Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1

Agent Carter

Captain America: The First Avenger was enjoyable enough, especially if you’re a fan of a) Chris Evans, b) tight white shirts and c) a winning combination of the two, but who would have thought that movie could produce a great spinoff TV show based on one of its supporting characters.

Fortunately, Marvel’s Agent Carter set itself apart from other rivals with its unique WWII setting and a much needed boost of estrogen. While we’re yet to see a female lead in a Marvel movie, Hayley Atwell’s portrayal of the secret agent is refreshingly human, finally providing us with a direct feminine perspective on the sausage-fest that the MCU has become.

The decision to focus on the drama first and the hero antics second may have been partially responsible for the show’s decreasing viewership, but critical reception for Marvel’s Agent Carter was still strong enough for a second season to be commissioned.

Fingers are crossed for a 60s setting where Carter faces off against Dr Evil.

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