5 Minor It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Characters That We Want More Of In Season 9


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has become such a beloved show due in large part to its 5 core characters. Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Frank are all hilarious in their own way, and get better with each season that passes – but they aren’t the only funny characters on the show. Rickety Cricket, the Waitress, and the McPoyles all have returned many times, and brought plenty of laughs with them.

Occasionally though, an episode is made due to a minor character, someone who’s only shown up a couple times, or even just once before. That character brings something to the plot and the laughs to make his or herself a fan favorite. When this happens, those fans are usually anxiously awaiting another appearance from the character, scanning every episode for just a glimpse of an old favorite.

I’m no exception to that, as I love some of the minor characters the show has brought in over the years. With season 9 kicking off on FXX, it’s another chance for some of those old favorites to find their way back into the Gang’s life. Because of that, I’ve decided to make my picks for which characters I’d like to see the most in season 9. I’ve cut the list down to five, which was a horribly difficult task, but if any of these characters show up in the new season, I’ll be one ecstatic fan.

So read on for the 5 minor It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia characters we want more of in season 9.