8 Questions We Want Answered When The Walking Dead Returns

8) What’s Up With The Spiked Zombie?

The Walking Dead has slipped into a bit of lull with its use of zombies for a while now, but the midseason premiere raised our hopes that the show has found a new way to make them scary and fresh again.

The promo for the rest of the season featured lots of exciting details to pick up on but the most intriguing – and horrifying – was the final shot of Rick being faced with a walker. But not just any walker. A walker wearing a spiked helmet and with sharp metal poles poking out of its body. Like some undead terrifying pincushion.


So, what’s the deal with this unique fella? Obviously, the zombie didn’t end up this way naturally – unless the person died due to being very clumsy while surrounded by metal poles. Given that, someone must have weaponized the creature in an effort to make it more of a threat. Either to protect their home or to send out and attack their enemies.

Is this another tactic of Negan and the Saviours? Possibly. It’s a totally idea original to the show though so we really have no idea on this one.