6 Brutal TV Scenes That Will Leave You Shocked


There was a time when TV was the meek little brother of cinema. A world where you could get away with some stuff, but not nearly as much as you could get away with on film. It’s been quite easy to see over the last decade or so though that much of that has changed. It seems now that you can pretty much get away with anything on television.

From full-on sex scenes and nudity, to people having their faces ripped open or being raped in a back alley, the limits of what can be shown on television have been pushed. I’m not sure why this happened, or how (if you look at the rest of our society, we have become more politically correct in every other area), but seeing as how I’m a sick and twisted individual, I’m definitely glad it happened.

So, on that note, get your puke bibs ready, kids. Here are six brutal television scenes that will definitely leave you shocked.