7 Things We Want To See In Arrow Season 4


Flashback, October 2012: Arrow premieres on The CW to generally positive reviews. Those who don’t read comics or missed out on Smallville have no idea who Green Arrow actually is though.

Flashback, May 2013: After an uneven start, the Arrow scriptwriters find their feet and successfully tie the majority of loose threads together into an epic season one finale. Also, some boring people die.

Flashback, March 2013: Laurel Lance does something irritating in season two. Standard.

Flashback, May 2014: Season two ends on a high. Superhero shows don’t get any better than this.

Flashback, October 2014: Some batshit crazy stuff happens in the opening episode of season three, but a willingness to take risks is what keeps shows like this fresh. This could be the best season yet…

Flashback, December 2014: WTF mid season finale!?

Flashback, May 2015: Season three ends. Meh.

Daredevil may be grabbing all the plaudits at the moment, and rightly so, but Arrow is the show that redefined the way we look at superheroes on the small screen. Despite the flaws of season three, doubters should still give the series another chance, so join us as we brainstorm seven things that could put Arrow back on track in season four.

Now, I’m not an expert by any means, but if all else fails, more unnecessary shots of Stephen Amell working out certainly couldn’t hurt the viewing figures, right?

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