7 Things We Want To See On The Walking Dead Season 6

Like a horde of zombies chasing a school bus full of children, The Walking Dead is nigh on unstoppable.

Unlike most shows that peak early on, AMC’s flagship series has become more popular than ever in its fifth season, defying the downward trajectory that usually plagues programs in later life. From the explosive first episode to that tragic hospital shootout, the first half of season five kept the momentum going in defiance of previous criticisms about the show’s pace.


Things may have slowed down somewhat since Rick’s group entered the Alexandria Safe Zone, but The Walking Dead is still better than it’s ever been before. Fortunately, life in the zombie apocalypse looks set to become even more intense once season six premieres on October 11th. And with that in mind, we’re counting down 7 things that we’d love to see happen on the show this year.

Let’s begin, shall we?