7 Ways Batman Could Join The Arrowverse


Supergirl’s second season premiere marked a huge moment in the history of the Arrowverse – the biggest DC hero of all, Superman, came to town (as played by Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin). Apart from anomalies like The Flash, this is a rare major instance of a character currently used by the movie division being allowed to crossover to the TV world.

The result was a ratings smash – much to the surprise of no one – becoming the highest-rated show in its timeslot for The CW in eight years. It’s a safe bet, then, that the network will be looking to recreate this success in the future. Funnily enough, that same episode might have come up with a way to do it.

As attentive fans might have noticed, Gotham was name-dropped at one point in the Supergirl premiere – interestingly, it’s the first explicit reference to Batman’s home city anywhere in the Arrowverse. And the Dark Knight is, of course, just about the only DC hero who could match – or possibly even beat – Superman in terms of public interest.

Assuming for one brilliant moment that exec producer Greg Berlanti and his team are planning to bring Batman to the small screen (and that they can get the rights), here are seven ways we think the Caped Crusader could be introduced into the Arrowverse.