8 Amazing Casting Choices In DC TV Shows


People often go on about the great casting choices in superhero movies (your Hugh Jackmans, Heath Ledgers and Robert Downey Jrs.) but not so routinely celebrated are their small screen cousins.

In many ways, the stars of superhero TV shows have the harder job, as they have to consistently convince as a comic book character with decades of history behind them week after week. If the casting decision was poor to start with, this would become very apparent very quickly. Think Adrienne Palicki’s casting in the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot that never got a series.

With apologies to great superhero show stars like Grant Gustin, Tom Welling, Carlos Valdes, Robin Lord Taylor and Lynda Carter who didn’t quite make the cut, here are our picks for eight of the most amazing casting choices in DC TV shows.

If any of your favorites are missing, sound off about it in the comments section below.