8 Amazing Casting Choices In DC TV Shows


7) Matt Ryan – John Constantine


Not all great casting choices are attached to successful shows. After Keanu Reeves turned out to be completely wrong for the British anti-hero in the 2005 movie, Matt Ryan definitely proved himself when he starred in 2014’s Constantine TV series. Sadly, the cult following the show built up was not enough to save it and it went straight to the afterlife after only one 13-part season.

Nevertheless, Ryan was still the perfect choice for the lead. Though certain parts of the character – like his chain smoking and bisexuality – were either toned down or removed completely, the core traits of the occult detective were present and correct. He also looked like he had stepped right off of the page, with his blond hair and trench coat.

So good is Ryan that even the cancellation of the series hasn’t stopped him from playing the role. He reprised Constantine on an episode of Arrow’s fourth season and will do so again in the upcoming Justice League Dark animated movie.

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