8 Amazing Casting Choices In Marvel TV Shows

8) Josh Keaton – Peter Parker/Spider-Man


Before we get onto Marvel’s live-action output, first a word about their animated shows. Apart from the fondly remembered X-Men: The Animated Series, not too many of the company’s cartoons are that well considered by fans. One that did have a devoted cult following, though, was the sadly short-lived The Spectacular Spider-Man series. Despite its popularity, it was cancelled after only two seasons when Disney bought the Spider-Man TV rights.

Nevertheless, the show still provided the best animated Spider-Man in our books. Just as the series looked to the early comics, Keaton pitch-perfectly portrayed Peter Parker in his high school days – geeky yet slightly cocky, super-powered yet the unluckiest guy alive. It’s a very authentic presentation of the character from the comics with a very likeable voice performance from Keaton. Tom Holland could do worse than watch this show in preparation for Spider-Man: Homecoming.