8 Doctor Who Characters We Want To See Return In Jodie Whittaker’s Era


While it took until 2017 for us to get a female Doctor, the way had already been paved by Michelle Gomez taking on the role of the Master back in 2014 – with the character renamed Missy. This was the first time a previously male Time Lord had become a woman on the show so it was a potentially risky move. Thankfully, Gomez was terrific in the part and now easily ranks as one of the best Masters of the lot.

Which is why we would love to see her face off against the Thirteenth Doctor in this new era of the show. Sure, Michelle Gomez has said that she should probably say goodbye to the series now that her Doctor Peter Capaldi and Missy’s creator Steven Moffat have left, but she hasn’t ruled out the idea of returning. Of course, it’s fairly traditional for a new Master to be cast opposite the new Doctor but, damnit, we’re just not ready to let go of Missy yet.

The last time we saw the villain also left room for more appearances. If you’ll recall, she had a shoot-out with her own past self in the form of John Simm’s Master, with the pair apparently killing each other. But, as the history of Doctor Who has taught us, the Master is a survivor, so there’s no way this is really the end.