The 8 Greatest Superhero TV Crossovers Of All Time


8) Green Hornet Comes To Gotham – Batman

The very first TV superhero crossover came courtesy of a show that still remains one of the most culturally-significant comic book series of all time – the 1960s high-camp extravaganza Batman.  It is little remembered now, but the show’s popularity at the time was such that it spawned a short-lived spinoff.


The Green Hornet starred Van Williams as the titular hero whose gimmick was that he pretended to be a criminal in order to clean up crime from the inside. When the character crossed over to Batman, this naturally made his relationship with Adam West’s goody two-shoes Caped Crusader very frosty. Nevertheless, the duo teamed up to stop an evil stamp collecting villain (yes, he really warranted two superheroes).

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