8 MCU Characters Who Need Their Own Shows On Disney’s Streaming Service


This week brought the game-changing news that Marvel‘s developing some new big budget limited TV series to air exclusively on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. In contrast to previous shows from the House of Ideas, these won’t be made by Marvel Television and therefore separate from the movies but rather, will be overseen by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige himself. And they’ll star fan favorite characters who’ve yet to get their own films.

The first two out of the gate are a series based around Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston in the lead, and one for Scarlet Witch, with Elizabeth Olsen reprising her role. This is a massive development, as it pretty much gives us what fans have always wanted – TV shows that tie closely into the films of beloved characters who usually get lesser screentime than we’d like.

But who else could follow Loki and Wanda Maximoff as the stars of their own television series? Well, there are many original characters we’d like to see introduced into the MCU in this way – for instance, Blade or She-Hulk – but for now, we’re just going to look at those we already know from the movies that would be great contenders for their own vehicles on Disney’s new streaming service.