8 Intriguing Superhero TV Shows That Were Never Made

8) Dr. Strange

We are finally about to see mystical superhero Doctor Strange have his time in the limelight, with the Benedict Cumberbatch starring movie coming out in November. However, if things had played out back in the day, he could have already been a more familiar character to the general audience.

In 1978, The Incredible Hulk – still one of the most famous superhero shows ever – was a huge hit, and so other Marvel TV shows were considered to mirror the Hulk’s success. For instance, there was a little-remembered, and shortly-lived, Spider-Man series and a failed attempt at a Doctor Strange show.

Titled Dr. Strange, a TV movie pilot was made, with actor Peter Hooten in the title role. It did take some liberties with the source material, but it certainly didn’t shy away from the mystical elements. Sadly, the public didn’t care and Stephen Strange had to wait nearly four decades for another shot at live-action.