8 Questions We Have After The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

7) Will Rick Ever Really Recover?

Walking Dead

Rick Grimes, as played by Andrew Lincoln, has been the anchor of the show throughout its tenure. He’s been knocked down more times than we can count, but he has always got back up again. After what Negan has done to him and his team, though, we’re not so sure it’ll be that easy this time around.

Apart from losing two friends, the thing that will surely really break Rick was what Negan almost made him do. To prove that Rick was no longer top dog, Negan ordered him to amputate Carl’s arm. If he didn’t do it, the villain claimed he would kill everyone else. Obviously, Rick sobs and pleads for him not to make him do it, but the scary thing is he’s definitely about to go through with it… until Negan calls him off. It’s clear now that Rick is totally under his control.

Almost cutting off your own son’s arm is the sort of thing that will take it out of a guy, and we imagine that Rick is going to be a bit down, to say the least, for the foreseeable future. But just how long will it be before he’s back on his feet?