8 Questions We Have After Watching Daredevil Season 2


Daredevil season two was certainly a largely satisfying run, as it further explored the lives of Matt Murdock and his friends and enemies, as well as expanding on the series’ mythology.

In this way, it undoubtedly had more going on than the first season. Whereas that was a relatively simple vigilante vs. crime boss story, season two featured Daredevil facing off against the Punisher and the Hand, as well as the return of old allies like Elektra and Stick. Not to mention juggling all this with his everyday life as a lawyer and his personal relationships.


As such, we didn’t get all the answers to the many questions we were asking by the time the 13 episode season was up. Some of these are deliberately left open to be explored in future seasons, or whole other series entirely, while others are things we would like to know about the show itself.

Here, then, are the 8 biggest questions that we have after watching the season. If you have any others that we missed, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.