8 Reasons Why Iron Fist Isn’t As Bad As The Critics Say


The long-awaited first season of Iron Fist has now landed on Netflix and, unlike Danny Rand’s hand, its critical response has not been glowing. In contrast to just about every other property in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Fist has received some pretty scathing reviews, which have pulled apart its writing, acting and directing.

Is the show actually as bad as critics are saying, though? Obviously, it’s all subjective, but the series definitely seems to be one that is – as the show’s star Finn Jones put it – “made for the fans” rather than those reviewing it. Social media has been inundated with positive responses from Marvel lovers, saying they adored it just as much as the likes of DaredevilLuke Cage and Jessica Jones

As for us here at We Got This Covered, the truth is probably somewhere in between. Iron Fist is certainly the weakest of the four Marvel Netflix series so far, but it’s still better than many other superhero TV shows out there and is well worth a watch.

So, without further ado, and with minimal spoilers, here are 8 reasons why Iron Fist is not as bad as you’ve been hearing.