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A massive regal drama usurps ‘Manifest’ to take the Netflix streaming throne

'Manifest' has crashed down the charts already.

If you thought Netflix would ever run out of new original content, think again, as another season of one of their most popular shows has taken the sword to Manifest’s reign over the charts.

The fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown has colonized the streaming charts like the royal family it’s based on colonized the world around them. One of the biggest biopic series ever, covering the most well-known family in history, it’s perhaps no surprise it’s clocked in a massive nine-digit opening week.

In its opening week, The Crown has cemented itself firmly as number one on the streaming service and seen an incredible 107 million hours viewed proving people are far from sick of the Royal Family. The fifth season focuses on the Royal Family’s tenuous relationships with each other during the 1990s, and yes, tackles the infamous Princess Diana drama which remains a hot topic.

The Crown has quickly ended Manifest’s time atop the streaming charts, with the sci-fi mystery series lasting just one week at number one, although its second week still got an impressive 74 million hours viewed: 20 million more than its first week, which is incredibly impressive.

The royal drama will continue for one final season on Netflix, with it widely speculated its sixth season will focus on the final days of the second Elizabethan era. Whether or not it’ll be deemed too soon to cover the recently deceased Queen in a potentially negative light is something which will undoubtedly be part of the discussion.

The Crown is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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