A Menacing Zoom Is The Focus Of The Latest Poster For The Flash


Flash Zoom

The Reverse-Flash was such a great villain that it was never going to be an easy feat topping him in season two of The Flash, but the show has so far done a great job of making the mysterious Earth-2 baddie a convincing threat to The Fastest Man Alive.

While we’re all still in the dark about who is beneath the mask (the theories about who it might be are fascinating), his desire to steal The Flash’s speed is very interesting, especially as his motivations for wanting to do so are very different to Eobard Thawne’s. With Barry Allen currently on Earth-2, we’re likely to come one step closer to finding out who he is in tonight’s episode.


Until then, though, we have a new poster to feast our eyes on that really shows off the mysterious villain in all his glory, and the early descriptions of him being a “speed demon” definitely feel accurate after looking at this.

Now that we’re in the second half of The Flash‘s second season, Zoom will hopefully start having a much greater role in proceedings moving forward – one of the few downsides to this year’s batch of episodes is that we perhaps haven’t seen quite as much of him as we should have.

Of course, based on the recently released trailer for upcoming instalments of The Flash, things are definitely going to ramp up over the next few weeks, and we’re curious to see how everything ends up playing out.

Flash Zoom

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