6 Intriguing Theories About Zoom’s Identity In The Flash


One of the most enjoyable aspects of The Flash‘s first season was trying to figure out who the Reverse-Flash was. While the first episode may have revealed that it was Dr. Harrison Wells, fans spent the entire year trying to figure out whether he was really Eobard Thawne or if someone else was in the costume and Wells was just a decoy.

The answer ended up being extremely satisfying and one which is still being discussed, and now season two’s big mystery revolves around the identity of Zoom. We’ve so far seen only snippets of him in action (like in his fight with The Flash in the video above), and with only a voice actor cast so far, there are almost countless possibilities for who may be the one beneath that demonic mask.


While looking to the comics doesn’t provide any firm answers, the information in those and the clues which The Flash has so far dropped have been compiled here to come up with just six of the craziest and most likely possibilities for who might be Zoom.

Some of these theories are pretty out there, but they’re all well worth considering and looking into.