A show eerily similar to the pandemic tops the charts on HBO Max

station eleven

After a flu pandemic plagues the world, killing the majority of the population, survivors must attempt to find a new normal as they attempt to hold onto what’s been lost. This is the premise for the new HBO original series Station Eleven, which has surged around the world to become the number one show on HBO Max per FlixPatrol.

The show has many parallels to the current COVID-19 pandemic raging throughout the world, which is perhaps the reason it is doing so well at the moment. Everyone can relate to the experiences and challenges faced by the main characters as they try to adapt to the devastation left in the wake of the pandemic.

Image: Parrish Lewis/HBO Max

The series was created by Patrick Somerville, who is best known for his series Maniac, which starred A-list actors Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. He adapted Station Eleven from the book of the same name by author Emily St. John Mandel.

It is unlikely the author knew her work would become as relevant as it has in just a few years since its publication in 2014, well before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world. The book is based on a fictional swine flu pandemic known as Georgia Flu, which presents symptoms similar to COVID-19 but more severe.

With the new Omicron variant sweeping across the world, many cities have canceled upcoming events, which means there is plenty of time to watch Station Eleven, which We Got This Covered just reviewed.