Actor Javier Bardem To Guest Star In Glee

Actor Javier Bardem, who has given some great performances in films like No Country For Old Men and The Sea Inside, will find himself guest starring on the hit TV show, Glee. The Playlist tells us that the Academy Award winning actor will be making a guest appearance next season.While working with the show’s creator Ryan Murphy, on the upcoming film, Eat Pray Love, Bardem got hooked on the show and asked Murphy if he could make an appearance. Murphy agreed and wrote a role for Bardem that involves him playing a Spanish rockstar. Bardem told EW that:

“We’re going to rock the house. We’re going to do Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.”

Bardem is a great actor and will surely give a good performance on the show. While Glee was very popular when it first started, many fans were dissapointed with the second half of the first season. Hopefully the show can pick it up next season and give fans what they want.