Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell Plays Down Talk Of Possible Third Season


Over the years, Marvel’s TV portfolio has truly ballooned in size to encompass everything from Daredevil to Iron Fist to Cloak & Dagger. And, well, the less said about Inhumans, the better.

But if there’s one series that was unfairly pushed to the wayside, it’s Agent Carter, which received the ax after only two seasons on the air. Rumors of a potential revival have been floated before – earlier today, for instance, we brought you the news that Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb wasn’t ready to give up on the elusive third season.

While admirable, Peggy Carter herself, Hayley Atwell, has now downplayed talk of a possible revival, telling The Huffington Post (h/t Cinema Blend) that it’d be difficult for her to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all these years.

Really, to get a call now would be like, ‘Oh, God!’ I’m sure anything could happen, but it’s this genre world that’s so multifaceted it’s like, will it ever die?


There are certain hurdles to overcome, then, though the fact Hayley Atwell speaks highly of her experience on Agent Carter – to quote the actress, working with Marvel Studios made her feel “safe and empowered” – leads us to believe that if the stars align, and a third season suddenly becomes a possibility, then Atwell will at least consider a return to the Marvel franchise.

It’s all hearsay for now, mind you, as Agent Carter has been on ice ever since May of 2016, when the Powers That Be at ABC deemed that the cult period drama had reached the end of its course. Regardless, we’ll be sure to bring you more on this story should anything further develop.