Agent Carter Finishes Her Hollywood Mission With Series-Low Ratings

agent carter 1

The future isn’t looking too bright for Peggy and her pals at the SSR. Following last night’s season finale, “Hollywood Ending,” Marvel’s Agent Carter saw 2.37 million viewers and a 0.7 demo rating overnight for the episode. That doesn’t yet factor in DVR playback, but it does tie with the series’ lowest ratings yet.

Hayley Atwell recently joined another ABC pilot, Conviction, with early rumors suggesting there could be a possibility of the actress tackling both series in their limited run capacity. Still, the ratings for last night’s finale won’t help matters when ABC begins to make decisions about the future of the MCU on its network.

Atwell spoke to CBR about the chance of her covering both series in the case they are each picked up in the next season:

“There is a chance, from what I know, if both shows get picked up, I’ll be doing both,” Atwell told CBR News a day before “Agent Carter’s” finale aired. “Until I know one way or the other, I can’t jump for joy or grieve.”

“Hollywood Ending” gave Peggy’s Los Angeles-based adventures a solid ending but, of course, left the doors open for more intrigue and mystery for her, Jarvis, and Sousa. We’re hoping the show gets picked up again, but right now, only time will tell.

Elsewhere in the MCU, ABC has confirmed that it is working on that rumored Mockingbird/Hunter spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted. The network is even moving forward with an adaptation of Marvel’s Damage Control, where a group of invididuals have to constantly clean up after the heroic messes of the world’s superheroes. Still, it’ll be a downer if Agent Carter won’t be coming back.

Tell us, are you okay if season two ends up being Peggy’s final mission, given the amount of Marvel content ABC has in the pipeline? Let us know in the comments section below.