Agent Venom Series With Tom Hardy Rumored For Disney Plus


2018’s Venom proved to be a massive hit for Sony, so it’s no surprise they’ve got a lot more movies on the way, including next year’s Venom: Let There Be CarnageLucky for them, there’s also a lot of comic book material to mine from if they want to expand the symbiote’s world further. For instance, the other versions of the anti-hero like Agent Venom or Anti-Venom. And both could be coming to the screen at some point, apparently, and on Disney Plus, too.

Insider Roger Wardell has delivered spot-on Marvel info in the past, and recently he’s started to tweet a load of new intel from a different Twitter account. Assuming this really is the previously accurate Wardell and not an imposter, then, Venom fans will want to pay attention to his recent tweet.

“Agent Venom Disney+ show at early stage of development,” he writes. “Sony wants Tom Hardy as Anti-Venom and the main antagonist of the series.”

There’s quite a lot to unpack there. First of all, Agent Venom is the alter ego of Flash Thompson when he bonds with the symbiote to undertake dangerous missions for the military. As for Anti-Venom, that’s Venom’s brother who’s even more powerful as he’s immune to fire and sound-based attacks. Eddie Brock bonded with it in the comics, too, so that’s how Hardy could return for the show, this time corrupted by the evil other symbiote.

The most surprising part of the news, however, might be that this Sony project would land on Disney Plus. It’s true that Marvel and Sony are working closer together now, as proven by Vulture’s cameo in Morbius and the expectation that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will appear, too. However, Sony releasing a series on the rival studio’s platform would be an unprecedented partnership.

Sony certainly is working on creating new TV Spider-verse content though, with Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller spearheading the initiative, last we heard. But we’ll just have to wait and see if and how an Agent Venom show shapes up.