Ahsoka Tano Creator Says Never Say Never To Live-Action Appearance

Ahsoka Tano

The Star Wars franchise is expanding in new and exciting ways over the next few years. The advent of Disney Plus gives the universe room to explore more than what we’ve seen in the films and live-action TV series are now also a thing, what with The Mandalorian and the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. All this is to say can we finally have Ahsoka Tano in live-action now? Please, Lucasfilm?

Though we’re still waiting for official confirmation on whether this is going to happen, her co-creator Dave Filoni had a very intriguing response when asked about the chances of it at D23 over the weekend. The Clone Wars and Rebels showrunner was pitched the idea of Ahsoka being realized in the flesh and after giggling to himself, he replied: “Yeah, you know, never say never.”

This definitely looks like the reaction of a man who knows something that we don’t. It would make sense that Lucasfilm has plans for the character, too. The former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, Ahsoka has taken on a life of her own and is arguably the most popular animated Star Wars creation. Rebels continued her story throughout the period in between the two trilogies, further explaining what she was doing during the final years of the Empire. However, there’s still a lot of space to play with in the timeline.

It’s worth noting that We Got This Covered has previously reported that we’ve heard the studio has plans to include Ahsoka in either a future Star Wars movie or Disney Plus show. So, it’s possible this is what Filoni appears to be hinting at. Regardless, what we know for sure is that Ahsoka will return in the upcoming Clone Wars revival, due to drop on the streaming service in February 2020.