The Alien TV Show Has Reportedly Found Its Home At A Streaming Service


Since first arriving in theaters back in 1979, Alien has spawned one of the most beloved science fiction film franchises in history. I don’t know about you, but whenever Hollywood churns out another installment, I feel as though it’s my duty to give it a watch.

Unfortunately, the series has hit a few snags in recent memory, as Covenant didn’t meet the studio’s financial expectations, not to mention the whole matter of Disney possibly not being too keen on movies less friendly toward families. Don’t forget, pretty much any film property branded “Fox” is now theirs.

As it turns out, Alien could soon make its way to the realm of television, according to reports circulating over the summer. Reviving this topic is that of Mr. H Reviews, who are now saying they’ve learned that, yes, such a thing is on the way and heading to a streaming service.

On the downside, no information has been given regarding the plot, episode order, or even which streaming service that may be. Personally, if I were to wager a guess, I’d say Hulu due to their history with Fox. Still, we can’t rule out Netflix.

In my view, at least, it’d be incredible to see the world of Alien expand into television because there’s so much potential as to what could be explored over an entire season as opposed to what a two-hour movie can achieve. Even if that ended up being six episodes, fans would likely be treated to a lot of blanks being filled in that, so far, have been addressed in video games like Isolation and Colonial Marines in recent years. Now, imagine if some talented writers were to do something similar – we’d possibly end up with a binge-watch to remember.

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