Amber Heard Reportedly In Talks For Mera HBO Max Spinoff


Amber Heard‘s DCEU future has been constantly called into question, thanks to the fallout of the actress’ messy divorce from Johnny Depp. However, despite the sizeable backlash against the Aquaman star online, Warner Bros. is sticking by her. That’s definitely how it seems, anyways, given that Depp’s been fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise while Heard has said she’s excited to return as Mera in Aquaman 2. Not only that, but she might even get her own vehicle as the future queen of the oceans.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Heard has reportedly had talks with the studio about doing a Mera TV show, which would end up on HBO Max. That’s all Richtman, who shared the intel on his Patreon page, has revealed at the moment, but this info does add up with everything we’ve heard about WB’s plans to expand the DCEU onto the small screen and make use of their new streaming service. After all, they’re going to want to create as many offshoots from the movies as they can, so it adds up that they would explore doing more with one of the DC universe’s leading ladies.

Of course, this is just what one source is saying and Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph has painted a very different picture of what’s going on behind the scenes with her own scoops. Randolph’s claimed that Aquaman 2 is being written in such a way to allow for Mera’s role to be reduced if things go against her in her next lawsuit with Depp. Furthermore, a new female supporting lead – possibly played by an Asian actress – is apparently being added in to “balance things out.”

Mera has a long DC Comics history, so there’s a lot of material to work with there if WB did end up moving ahead with a spinoff for Amber Heard. And the world clearly wants more from the Aqua-verse, given the first movie’s $1 billion global gross. But how do you feel about a possible Mera show, likely following 2022’s Aquaman 2? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section.