AMC Releases First Clip From This Sunday’s The Walking Dead


Though all went silent on The Walking Dead front for quite a while following the midseason finale, and understandably so, the past few weeks have more than made up for the drought. AMC has been releasing everything from promos to stills and talking up the show’s midseason premiere – which takes place this Sunday – quite a bit. While excitement may have been at a definite low point when Rick and co. last graced our screens, due to an underwhelming first half, it seems like the hit series is ready to get back on track and deliver an explosive conclusion to season 7.

With an all-out war between Rick and Negan on the horizon, things are about to seriously heat up on The Walking Dead and we could not be more excited to see what else the network has planned for us, as we enter into this last batch of episodes before the season comes to a close. While the promos have so far teased the conflict that’s to come and Rick’s attempts to gather up the various communities and get them on his side, this new sneak peek gives us a look at a bit of a quieter moment.

It appears that Rick, Michonne, Carl and Jesus, among a few others, are on the road when they run into a situation on the highway. Admittedly, there’s nothing too exciting here, but as a quick glimpse of this Sunday’s episode, it does its job in building up the intrigue and anticipation for what will surely be an exciting return. Or at least, we hope it is. As mentioned above, the first half of the season has been dragging its feet ever since the premiere, so we really need to see things kick into gear now.

Being touted as one of the series’ best episodes yet, this Sunday’s outing has a lot of hype surrounding it and though the clip above doesn’t tell us too much about what’s going to happen, we’ve got a feeling that The Walking Dead will hit the ground running with its midseason premiere as it barrels towards what will no doubt be a thrilling finale.

Take a look at the new sneak peek and feel free to comment down below letting us know if you’ll be tuning in this weekend for the return of The Walking Dead.