The Walking Dead’s Midseason Premiere Will Apparently Be One Of The Best Episodes Yet


The wait for The Walking Dead to return has been torturous, but it’ll finally be back on AMC next Sunday. In the midseason finale, Rick Grimes finally decided to step up and attempt to unite the communities against Negan, and as fans of the comic books will already know, that could mean an all-out war is now on the horizon.

Despite the odd slow episode here and there, The Walking Dead season 7 has really brought us a lot of high-stake instalments as of late, but somewhere the show has always delivered is with its premieres and finales. That looks to be the case this year, too, as producer Greg Nicotero has promised us in a new interview that next week’s will be one of the best yet.

“I’m very excited. I think episode nine is one of the best of the season, by far, in terms of storytelling, in terms of performances, in terms of audience expectations of seeing the band back together and putting our group back on their feet again. It’s very exciting and quite a bit of fun, and the season builds and builds up to an absolutely thrilling finale.”

That’s a pretty big promise to make, but as characters like Rick and Ezekiel cross paths for the first time, it’s easy to imagine The Walking Dead delivering some huge moments. Nicotero then went on to say that this year’s finale is “absolutely thrilling,” so chances are that this war between the survivors and Negan’s Saviors will start ramping up rather quickly as it barrels towards an explosive conclusion.

The events of the season 7 premiere might have lost The Walking Dead a lot of fans, but it now looks like those who decided to give up on the show might be missing out on quite a lot, as the best is yet to come.

Tell us, will you be tuning in next Sunday when AMC’s hit series returns? Sound off down below and give us your thoughts!

Source: EW