AMC Reportedly Developing 10 More Walking Dead Spinoffs

Norman Reedus
Image via AMC

Like a walker, The Walking Dead is set to keep on going even after reaching its natural lifespan. The parent series may be about to end after 11 seasons next year, but AMC is not going to rest the post-apocalyptic franchise as a whole. So far, three offshoots have been officially announced to date. Those long-gestating Rick Grimes movies, for one, as well as a couple of TV shows – a Carol and Daryl series set after the events of season 11 and anthology Tales of the Walking Dead.

But these titles are just the tip of the iceberg, it seems, as insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page that AMC is currently knee-deep in development on an additional 10 TWD spinoffs. No specific details on the nature of these projects was given along with this figure, but it’s easy to guess a few of them based on what’s been reported before. For instance, a vehicle for Michonne seems likely, with Maggie maybe getting one, too. Something for Negan also sounds like a safe bet.

Clearly, AMC is looking to do everything they can to turn TWD into a brand with as much staying power as other comic book universes like Marvel and DC. In fact, Richtman has also shared intel that says network execs want to build up the zombie franchise to the point where it’s comparable with Disney’s sci-fi juggernautJust like a bunch of SW shows are coming to streaming soon, so too is AMC developing a range of TWD projects.

The network seem to be focusing on a multimedia and multi-form approach to the expansion of the brand, however. Those Rick movies are intended to be theatrically released affairs, while some TV spinoffs – such as Fear – are ongoing and others – like World Beyond – are made to only last a couple of years. A few limited event miniseries and TV movies are also no doubt on the way. Basically, whatever way they can extend The Walking Deadthey’ll do it.

For the moment, though, new episodes of season 10C arrive Sundays on AMC.