AMC Reportedly Planning 5 Different Walking Dead Shows to Run Together

the walking dead wallpaper

If you believe the AMC’s comments that The Walking Dead was in its “early stages of life” back in 2019, then the rumour we’re about to share with you probably won’t be surprising. As reported by insider Daniel Richtman, AMC is allegedly pushing to run five different versions of The Walking Dead at once.

In 2019, AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan stated:

“As we continue to remain focused on creating sought-after premium content – which propels our entire enterprise – we believe direct-to-consumer, along with owning more of our intellectual property and expanding our studio, represent significant growth areas for us”

This seems to be in line with what the AMC Networks team is actually doing, with The Walking Dead recently returning to full production. Currently, there are three The Walking Dead shows in production, including Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. It doesn’t seem farfetched that we could probably see two more versions released shortly. This seems like a huge boon for fans of the show craving more of the universe that they’ve come to love since 2010.

As always, this is a rumor we will continue to follow closely. We’re eager to see more takes on The Walking Dead universe, and hope AMC Networks stick to their plans.