Big Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Reportedly In The Works

Daryl Walking Dead

The Walking Dead might be getting on in years, but the post-apocalyptic franchise is only going to grow, not shrink, in the near future. AMC’s expansion of the brand is getting more ambitious as time goes on, with Andrew Lincoln’s movie trilogy serving as a good example. The upcoming World Beyond spinoff will tie into the ongoing mystery of who’s behind Rick’s disappearance, remember. A sign that the TWD universe is borrowing Marvel’s MCU mantra: “It’s all connected.”

Bearing that in mind, it seems that a Marvel-style crossover between the two long-running series at the heart of the franchise could be about to happen. In fact, we’ve now heard that the casts of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are going to be coming together for a major event in the near future.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Bill Murray is returning for Ghostbusters: Afterlife and the Transformers series is being rebooted, both of which were correct – say that the crossover will be achieved by having Lennie James’ Morgan Jones bring the Fear crew across the country to meet his old friends at Alexandria and the other communities. Fans will know there was a reference to this happening in the spinoff’s fifth season, though it didn’t end up going ahead at the time. The crossover, we’re told, is most probably going to take up an episode of TWD season 11.

Obviously, as things currently stand, the main show is running a few years ahead of Fear, so the latter would have to skip ahead sometime during season 6 to make a crossover possible. And that’s something that’s already been teased by chief content officer Scott Gimple. He told EW a few months ago that time is “going to be played around with” on Fear season 6. In the same interview, he voiced his interest in doing a TWD version of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Well, a Walking Dead/Fear crossover wouldn’t be quite “Crisis”-level, but it would be a pretty good start nonetheless. Don’t you think?