AMC Reveals First Look At Michonne In The Walking Dead Season 10B

Michonne Walking Dead

With the show now in its tenth season, it should come as no surprise that The Walking Dead has seen its fair share of cast departures and returns. There’s been plenty of heartbreaking deaths and mysterious disappearances over the years (I’ll always be a bit salty of Glenn’s murder), and while some of the heavy-hitters won’t be making a comeback, AMC has managed to bring back a few big names, like Lauren Cohan, who’ll be reprising her role of Maggie Greene in Season 10B. If you’re wondering how they pulled that one off, you can thank the failure of ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier. 

Unfortunately, though, there are more planned departures on the way. Most notably, Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, will be leaving the show this year and now, we finally have our first look at the samurai sword-wielding badass in The Walking Dead Season 10B.

See for yourself below:

The promotional photo, which was originally shared by TVLine, shows Michonne and Virgil (played by Kevin Carroll) as they investigate an island naval base and search for weapons. It’s not entirely clear how many episodes Gurira will be appearing in before she departs, but it’s likely that she’ll play a pivotal role in the effort to finally end the war against the Whisperers.

As for what lies ahead for Danai, it seems like the sky’s the limit at this point. While she hasn’t been confirmed to appear in any upcoming films, now that she’s a Marvel Cinematic Universe star, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the big screen in the near future. Personally, I’d love seeing her join Andrew Lincoln in the upcoming The Walking Dead movies, but unfortunately, nothing’s been officially confirmed so far. Fingers crossed, though.