AMC Says The Walking Dead Has Decades And Decades Of Life Left


The Walking Dead is one of the few mega popular comic book-based franchises around that doesn’t feature any superheroes. Since making its debut on AMC nearly a decade ago, the horror series has gone on to amass a massive fanbase in an entertainment landscape that’s already overflowing with zombies and is now heading into its tenth season on television.

But to the surprise of many, the comic book series that started it all came to an end not too long ago. Obviously, this has led a lot of people to wonder if a similar fate might befall the TV show as well, but AMC has been keen to stress that when it comes to the small screen, there’s really no end in sight. In fact, the network is confident that there’s a lot more still to come, saying:

“We have an awful lot of life left in The Walking Dead — I mean decades and decades of life left,” CEO Josh Sapan said. He also said that the additional series and movie projects in development are a sign of the franchise’s health, adding “That’s an indication of a vital heartbeat in the franchise.”

While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, it certainly seems like The Walking Dead still does have some serious legs on it. After all, pretty soon Fear the Walking Dead won’t be the only spinoff on the air as it’ll be joined by a third series that shines the spotlight on a young generation who’ve known nothing but a zombie-infested dystopia.

Not only that, but we’ll also see the franchise move into cinemas soon, with Andrew Lincoln returning as Rick Grimes for a handful of Walking Dead movies which will drop exclusively in theaters. And though exact details on what we can expect from those remain hard to come by, it seems certain that fans have nothing to worry about as there’s still a huge amount of TWD content headed down the pipeline over the next little while.

But looking to the immediate future, be sure to tune in on October 6th when The Walking Dead returns to AMC for season 10.