American Horror Story’s Latest Promo Will Stare Straight Into Your Soul


Things get seriously creepy in this newly-released promo for American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

It’s the eighth season of FX and Ryan Murphy’s gothic anthology series, but whereas previous installments were able to stand on their own two feet (albeit with recurring elements and characters scattered throughout), “Apocalypse” rips up the rulebook so that key figures from “Coven” and “Murder House” can inhabit the same universe.

For Sarah Paulson and Taissa Farmiga, that means pulling double duty, as the former will be portraying both Billie Dean Howard and Cordelia Goode. And Farmiga? In honor of this year’s bewitching theme (see below), AHS viewers can expect to see both Violet Harmon and Zoe Benson at some point during the show’s eighth season.

And now that the premiere date is imminent, FX has rolled out the latest American Horror Story promo, and this one has an uncanny ability to stare straight into your soul…

Entitled “Exhale,” this 30-second promo is every bit as dark and apocalyptic as we’ve come to expect from the show’s eighth season, as we see one particularly regal character drawing her oxygen from a disheveled cripple, which seems to be more of a commentary on the haves and have-nots than anything else.

On the casting docket for this one are Stevie Nicks as Stevie Nicks, Lily Rabe as Misty Day, Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery, Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie and Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow. It was also revealed last week that “Murder House” duo Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton will be back for more spooktacular action.

American Horror Story slithers onto the small screen once more on September 12th, and with “Apocalypse,” there’s a real feeling that Ryan Murphy and the team are on the verge of making history.