American Horror Story: Roanoke Promo Shows Crossover With Asylum


If you’re still following American Horror Story: Roanokeyou know that it’s getting progressively weirder as it nears the season finale, and now we know that Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson, from the Asylum series) will be making an appearance in the final episode, leading numerous fans to start (once again) asking what the hell is going on.

In the latest promo for Roanoke, we learn how Winters is going to be incorporated into the series. She’ll be interviewing Lee Harris (Adina Porter), the sole survivor of the massacre that claimed the lives of everyone else on the show (including Paulson’s other character Audrey). Harris is implicated in the deaths of the other characters, and so probably will face hard questions from Winters – though how they’re just going to ignore the fact that Winters and Audrey looks exactly the same, I do not know. American Horror Story tends to ignore petty little things like continuity though.


This season of American Horror Story has been the weirdest and most meta yet, with actors playing real people who interact with the real “real people” in a constant loop of confusion and overlap. This mostly indicates (for my money at least) that Ryan Murphy and Co. have run out of ideas on how to be scary, or even halfway coherent. Murphy has already promised a crossover season with the characters from Murder House and Coven, which means that there will be more casting overlaps – Paulson herself has a character in both shows. Suffice to say, things are just going to get more confusing from here.

American Horror Story: Roanoke will come to an end next Wednesday, November 16, at 10 p.m. I’m just not sure yet how they’re going to bring this one to a satisfying conclusion.