American Horror Story Set Photo Seemingly Confirms [SPOILERS] Return

American Horror Story

A new set photo from location filming on American Horror Story season 10 – which goes by the subtitle Double Feature – appears to confirm the return of a classic character from the series’ past. Though each run was initially standalone, the anthology show has dived into the mythology of previous seasons in its later years. For instance, Apocalypse called back to a couple of fan favorite outings, and it seems that Double Feature will continue this and resurrect a popular character who debuted in the very first run, Murder House.

A fan account dedicated to tracking filming on the new season shared the below set photo on Instagram, which seems to depict Evan Peters in costume as Tate Langdon. Though the face mask he’s wearing mostly obscures his features, his hair and the black and green sweater he’s sporting lead us to believe that this must be the long-running star of the series back as his original AHS antihero.

Tate was last seen in Apocalypse, which gave his character a bittersweet ending. In the episode “Return to Murder House,” Emma Roberts’ Madison reunites Tate’s ghost with Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga). However, the later time travel shenanigans make it unclear whether this actually occurred or not in the new altered timeline. If Peters really is returning as Tate once more, it looks like Double Feature will clarify exactly what happened to him.

As the name suggests, this new season will take a fresh structural approach and be a blend of two storylines in one. Beyond that, we don’t know much more about what Ryan Murphy and the team have planned, but many of the regular cast members will be back alongside Peters, including Frances Conroy, Billie Lourd and Sarah Paulson. Macauley Culkin is also making his AHS debut this year.

American Horror Story season 10 has yet to be given a premiere date, but we can expect it to air on FX sometime later in 2021.