An all-time classic dethrones ‘Moon Knight’ on Disney Plus

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Studios

Since Disney Plus premiered its latest Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi on May 29 other shows have been fighting for second place in the streaming services rankings. To this point, Moon Knight has been able to maintain this spot, but now things have changed.

According to Flixpatrol, the second most popular series on Disney Plus right now is none other than the classic animated comedy The Simpsons.

Home to all 33 seasons of the show, the movie, and a variety of shorts, Disney Plus has cemented itself as the go-to place for fans to watch The Simspons and it seems that they have been — in droves.

While Moon Knight has now moved down to number three in the rankings there is no shame given that the show only has six episodes to watch. With this being the case it is no shock that the 700 episodes plus have been able to accrue more watch time.

Given its legacy, fans can expect to see The Simpsons float in and out of the top five shows on Disney Plus, but it’s very unlikely that it will ever reach number one. While Obi-Wan Kenobi holds it right now, all of the upcoming Marvel series are key contenders to take this spot, including Ms. Marvel.

With all of these new contenders set to rise it remains to be seen how the rankings will change in the coming days, but for now, The Simpsons gets to hold on to its number two spot.