An International Phenomenon Has Returned To Netflix

Money Heist

Spanish network television isn’t where you’d expect one of the most popular shows on the planet to originate, but once Antena 3’s La Casa de Papel was snatched up by Netflix and rebranded as Money Heist, it quickly snowballed in both visibility and recognition to become one of the streaming service’s biggest shows ever.

As well as becoming the most-watched non-English language show in the platform’s history when it was first added to the library, Season 4 ranks as one of the platform’s all-time Top 10 episodic hits after drawing in 65 million viewers in the four weeks following last run’s debut in April 2020.


All good things must come to an end, though, and today brings the arrival of Part 5: Volume 1, the penultimate chapter of Money Heist. Based on the viewership figures drawn in so far, it’s safe to assume that millions of subscribers will binge all five installments in one sitting, which means the wait for December 3rd’s Volume 2 is going to be excruciating.

The core concept of Money Heist has been stretched pretty thin over the last four seasons, but the creative team will be looking to bow out in the most spectacular fashion possible. Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, and knowing that the end is nigh for the Professor, Tokyo, Lisbon, Berlin, Rio, Denver, Stockholm and the rest of the crew will only serve to generate even more intrigue, excitement and nerve-shredding tension.