‘Andor’ stars did Spanish dubs for their characters

Image via Lucasfilm/Disney

On Wednesday, audiences around the world will get access to Andor on Disney Plus. The Star Wars show features an all-star cast, and, for those watching in the Spanish language, familiar voices from the English version will also be heard through the episodes.

Series leads Diego Luna and Adria Arjona reveal they use their native tongues for this aspect of the project in a new article published by Collider. Luna says in the piece he has a high love for Latin-American fans, and they were with him and the rest of the work’s cast and crew “in the entire process.”

For a lot of actors, doing foreign-language dubs can be a recurring process.

In 2017 Deadline Hollywood reported Daniel Bruhl, Christoph Waltz, Antonio Banderas, Jodie Foster, Selma Hayek and even Danny DeVito have done so. Banderas adapted for his role in the Puss in Boots films while DeVito did so for The Lorax in 2012. He spoke for the Russian, German, Italian, Catalan, and Castilian Spanish versions despite not speaking any of the languages. He said it was an interesting challenge, though it was more difficult than he imagined. However, it gave him a lot more respect for voice actors afterwards.

Andor is the fourth live-action Star Wars project on Disney Plus. It premieres Wednesday with its first three episodes. New episodes will release weekly until the middle of November. It will then conclude with a second season which leads right into Rogue One. Early reviews suggest fans will be getting something different, and it will likely stand as the grittiest Star Wars show to date.